Moxie Shorts #34

Moxie Shorts #34

Moxie Shorts #34

Moxie Shorts #34, I have a lot of catching up to do in these Moxie Shorts. I’ve been slacking off on the weekly Moxie Shorts. The last time I posted a Moxie Short was July 14th.

Moxie Shorts #34

So, here we go, deep breath in…..

    1. Started Bloodline on Netflix, that’s one messed up family. And I’m only on the first season, second episode.
    2. Traveled to my hometown in Ohio for a family reunion.
    3. Setback in my #MoxieFit50 challenge, right knee is acting weird but getting better.
    4. Had my bosses in town since my last Moxie Short post.
    5. Hair trimmed, still letting it grow long!
    6. Enjoyed a massage from DayDreams Therapeutic Massage.
    7. Attended Rocket City Bloggers Bloggle Dinner at Terra Nova’s.
    8. Experienced a few days of homesickness and sadness. But I’m better now.
    9. Kind of revamped the blog and I am inspired once again.
    10. In the featured image of this blog post – it is of the grills outside the Ribber in Portsmouth, Ohio. They serve monumental steaks. Their small order is 1 16 oz steak while their large order consists of 2 16 oz steaks. And they are delicious. The Ribber is legendary in Portsmouth, Ohio.
    11. Started on SnapChat again, oyvey. But it seems fun so far. Look me up @MoxieBeautiful
    12. I’ve not been watching the news and it’s been nice.
    13. What have I been watching? The Olympics.
    14. Saw Florence Foster-Jenkins this week with a friend. It was cute. I love Meryl Streep though.

So, that’s it I reckon. Thanks for reading.

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