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Moxie Shorts #35

Moxie Shorts #35

What happened this week in the world of Moxie Beautiful? Find out in this installment of Moxie Shorts #35 – this is short snippets and bullet points of my life this week.

Moxie Shorts #35

  1. Slow week at work, very slow. It was ridiculously slow. I mean S…L…O…W!
  2. Had an eyebrow appointment. It’s always nice to get my eyebrows done at the Benefit counter, they do such a great job.
  3. Gave myself a manicure. It is becoming a weekly thing now.
  4. Still attending CrossFit, even with my tendonitis in my knee. I’ve been modifying the workouts.
  5. Also, I rolled the heck out of my thigh and IT Band recently and now my knee is feeling MUCH better. I had been icing it and taking Ibuprofen but the one thing I forgot to do was to roll my muscles out, giving them a good stretch. It has really helped my knee.
  6. The Olympics are over. I stopped watching after the first few track and field events.
  7. Getting a tattoo is still on my mind.
  8. I have been loving my Happy Planner. I’ve gone a little nuts with it and all the girls at work have one too now and so we all get together for show and tell when we’ve added something new.
  9. Bloodline, an original Netflix series, I’m hooked and now I have The Gent watching it. I am currently on Season 2, Episode 7 I think.
  10. My official weigh-in was on Tuesday, I was at 165 even, putting me at a loss of 12 pounds since June 5th.

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A middle-aged, petite, CrossFit athlete. #MoxieFit50

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