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Moxie Shorts 39

Moxie Shorts 39

Moxie Shorts 39

Welcome to Moxie Shorts 39. This is where I tell about my life for the week in bullet points and short snippets. What happened this week in Moxie Beautiful’s world? Welcome to Moxie Shorts.

Moxie Shorts 39

  1. Found a new Twitter chat where all of my people are gathering, GenXChat. Thursday nights at 7:00PM central.
  2. The car needs an oil change and I’m trying to figure out appointment times to where my early morning CrossFit won’t be interrupted. Normally I take the car in at 0700 but my CrossFit meets from 0600 – 0700.
  3. Christmas has arrived at work, very exciting.
  4. Eight more days until my vacation starts. And boy do I need it!
  5. Got to see The Manchild this week. It was just for a very few short minutes but it made my crappy day a lot better.
  6. I told you I went back to my old Moleskine bullet journal system, didn’t I?
  7. Made a budget for September and have pretty much stuck to it. I’ll do it again for October.
  8. Got my first toes-to-bar in CrossFit! Yes! And PR’d a hang-squat-clean-thruster of 110#.
  9. My knee is MUCH MUCH MUCH better. I even did some back squats this week, heavy at 165#. My one rep max was 205# but didn’t want to push it this time. I tried out some jogging but I don’t know that I’m ready for that just yet. Still easing into it.
  10. My little baby sister sent me some gifts; a coffee mug and a cute bracelet. Love her! There is a cute watch I’ve had my eye on at work that I’ve been meaning to get for her.
  11. There is a lot of travel in my future, for the month of October.
  12. Still considering a couple of tattoos. I think I am almost ready to bite the bullet.
  13. Saw Bridget Jones’s Baby. I enjoyed it.

That’s it folks, for this week’s Moxie Shorts. Thanks for reading.
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