Moxie Shorts #5
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Moxie Shorts #6

Moxie Shorts #6

Moxie Shorts #6

Moxie Shorts is a weekly series where I write about little small tidbits from the previous week and maybe what is coming up.

Moxie Shorts #6

  • October Blogging Goals have been established. Just need to get on the ball!
  • I am back to working out on a regular basis and it feels great. All official over at Iron Tribe now. Commence obnoxious Facebook check-ins.
  • Day 7 of Joe Martin’s 21-Day Detox Challenge, feeling strong.
  • Haircut time. I am so bored with my hair but there is only so much you can do with short hair.
  • My eyes are all of a sudden freaking out over wearing contact lenses. Ugh!
  • Went to see The Intern and of course it was fabulous. Totally unrealistic but still a great little feel-good RomCom by Nancy Meyers. Nancy Meyers is starting to rank up there with Nora, for me.
  • Yes, I know it’s been a while week since I blogged anything.
  • I am still using my bullet journal! Going on FOUR months now. 🙂

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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A middle-aged, petite, CrossFit athlete. #MoxieFit50

  • Great little tidbits! What is it with contact lenses? My eyes will be fine for months and then suddenly say NO! Hair boredom? Yep that too. Mine grows like a weed. Since I had my profile pic done it has grown to way past shoulder length and annoys the cr*p out of me! Short, long – all a flaming nuisance. What is a bullet journal? Is it your own way of doing lists or is it a product? Like I need more! I don’t. Just curious 🙂

  • Oh ok – thanks – pretty much what I do but with scruffy looking asterisks instead of bullets. Same diff I guess.

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