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Moxie Shorts #9

Moxie Shorts #9

My weekly thoughts in bullet points.

Moxie Shorts #9

  • Big few days at work. Big bosses from Atlanta rolled in. Certifications done. Holiday Sneak Peek party done. Client appreciation luncheon in the books. It was a good week for work.
  • Took a morning to visit Joe Martin’s Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp on Wednesday. It is always nice to do a drop-in with them. Thanks for having me.
  • A very very quiet week this week. Very quiet. So much so that I am struggling to find things for this installment of Moxie Shorts.
  • Dental cleaning this week, that will be about the most excitement this week. I still hate going to the dentist, even for a cleaning.
  • The Boy is home. For good. Withdrew from college. You can imagine how I feel about that.
  • The Blog Bombastic is a go. Learn more here.
  • Giving the Independent Fashion Bloggers PRO a test drive.
  • Adele releases new album. The track titled Hello is stirring up the Lionel Richie MEMES.
  • Star Wars, The Force Awakens debuted its official movie trailer. It does look awesome.
  • Some sort of 19-year old Disney star who calls herself Zendaya was photoshopped in an image for the cover of a fashion magazine. The actress said she was shocked and had them pull the magazine or the ad or something. She put an image of the before and after touch-up picture on her Instagram account. They definitely had photoshopped her down to a size zero or some ridiculous unrealistic body-image-type. And she was GORGEOUS BEFORE the photoshop. Why does the industry feel the need to do this?

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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