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#MOXIEFIT50 Progress Report, August

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#MOXIEFIT50 Progress Report, August

#MOXIEFIT50 Progress Report, August

I’ve had a bit of a setback in my #MoxieFit50 challenge. I suppose it wouldn’t be a challenge without obstacles and setbacks, am I right? This is my #MoxieFit50 Progress Report, August.

#MoxieFit50 Progress Report, August

My knee, I have no earthly idea what I did to my right knee. I don’t remember doing anything any more strenuous than I already do. I don’t remember any sudden sharp pains from perhaps injuring it.

It just happened one day at work, of all places. There I was, minding my own business, standing around, or strolling around from time to time and I noticed my right knee was becoming stiff. The longer that day went on, the more my knee tightened up.

I’ve iced it, had a massage, taken Ibuprofen and rest. It is getting better, slowly. I don’t feel like anything is pulled, perhaps I just overworked it.

One of the great things about my coach and CrossFit is that if you don’t show up, they will call your ass and check on you. My coach texted me to ask if I was okay, he knew my knee had been bothering me and one morning I didn’t show up to workout and he texted me.

I told him I had planned on attending the next day but didn’t know what I could do. He told me not to fret, to show up and we’d figure something out to just keep me moving. And we did. And it was great! My knee is actually starting to feel better.

So, whether it’s a sore knee or vacationing I’ve made a plan and commitment to show up and do the work, even if it is modified temporarily.

#MoxieFit50 Progress Report, August.

– 2 Rep Deadlift, new PR at 245#
– Push Press, new PR at 120#
– August 2 weighed in at 168.4 lbs.
– August 9 weighed in at 170 lbs.
– August 16 weighed in at 167.2 lbs.
– Exercised while I was in Ohio; 2 times at CrossFit and 2 jog/walk mornings
– I am now able to fit comfortably into a size 10 pant.

I normally Periscope my post WODs every morning on my drive home from CrossFit. You can find me on Periscope @MoxieBeautiful

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