My Christmas Wishlist

My Christmas Wishlist

I like to think I am fairly easy to shop for but who knows. My husband and children may think otherwise. So I’ll make it easy for them this year and list my wishlist here on the blog.

Moleskine notebooks – I still like to write longhand, a lot. Especially my morning pages. But I also like to carry a notebook around with me for jotting stuff down when I am out and about. A writer can never have too many notebooks. Of course, I love the Volant notebooks too. I prefer the notebooks with ruled lines in them. Oh, and the Cahier journals are awesome too.

Sharpie Pens – the retractable kind. Shown here, in black please.

Slippers – I need some new slippers. I’m not too particular about slippers just as long as they keep my feet warm and I can wear them outside from time to time to walk the dog.

A robe – Oh Em Gee… I really like this robe. But dang, it’s so expensive. Yikes! But it is gorgeous. I have always wanted a nice vintage chenille long robe. And here it is….
bonnilanese on etsy

Plus, she is in Ohio! Way far away from my home town, but still. She has a bunch of gorgeous robes on her Etsy shop but the one I show here (above) is my favorite. :: HINT HINT FOR THE GENT:: If she sells out of this ONE then any of the white ones or pale pink ones will work too.

Really, that’s about it. I would be happy to get the pens from my son and the slippers from my daughter. 🙂

Oh, if any of my family members would like to get me a Barnes & Noble gift card, that’d be cool too.

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