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My Liberal Friends

Yes, yes, the election is over. Thank goodness. I was not happy with the outcome. In fact, I was quite stunned if you want to know the truth. But I’m over it. I’ve been over it. But for the last two days I’ve been trying to come up with a topic for the writing prompt that Writeous Babe has up over at her website. These writing prompts were for the November #bloglikecrazy and I didn’t participate in the writing prompts because I chose to do daily gratitude posts instead. ::eyeroll:: Whatever.

Anyway, since I didn’t participate with the writing prompts in November, I still wanted to tackle each and every one of them here on the blog at some point. The prompts are thought-provoking, hence the two day hiatus from the blog – because I couldn’t think of something for this particular writing prompt… until now.

Friday, Nov. 2 — Defense! No, I’m not talking about football. Write a post defending something or someone that usually gets a bad rap. This could be a celebrity, a book, your favorite food, a region of the country, etc. The possibilities are endless. To narrow your choices, pick something that’s somehow related to your blogging niche.

It finally hit me today, I will defend my liberal friends. Now first, I have to make something clear right off the bat. I don’t have friend-friends. I take that back, there are a group of women that I’m fairly close with and we get together every so often but we don’t discuss politics. These women friends are pretty much like me – a middle of the road kind of girl.

When it comes to politics, and I feel I have to say this too, the only thing that concerns me right now is that I want small government. Period. All the other stuff like abortion, birth control, gun control, gay marriage, or the legalization of marijuana? Yeah, whatever. I do have my opinions on those issues but they (my views) aren’t important right now.

And just because I am a “conservative” please do not assume that you know where I stand on each issue. Then again, it is none of my business what you think of me. Maybe I am an Independent or Libertarian. I don’t know.

But this blog entry isn’t about me. It is about defending my liberal friends – or acquaintances. I have two categories I put the people I know in real life into: work peeps and acquaintances.

Acquaintances can be either people I know personally, in real life, or people I know from the internet, from blogging.

The people I know in real life who consider themselves liberal, who I know voted for Mr. O, are the people I am defending right now. Most of these people are kindhearted people. They are creative and inspiring. Their generosity is something to stand in awe of, I’ve witnessed it and I stand in awe of them. They have treated me with kindness, acceptance, and respect.

Do we discuss politics? No. Of course not. We are acquaintances only, remember? We don’t hang out with each other on a regular basis. Although, I’d like to change that and get to know them better. I’m only thinking about a handful of people as I type this.

I don’t think politics define a person; their heart, their human condition. That comes from something else. Some of the people I know who happen to have liberal views, I also follow their blogs. I read them. They write eloquently and they challenge my thought process. They help keep me open. I like that. They do not force their views on me. They do not yell, holler, and scream. They don’t act holier than thou either. They are good and decent people, with jobs and children and spouses and fears and hopes and dreams. Just like me. I like to learn from them. I like to hear their views and thoughts. But not just about politics, but about parenting, living, health, spiritual matters, relationships, work, anxieties, love, fears, or ambition.

There is something about my liberal acquaintances that keep me coming back to them and I like to think it is their heart.

Thanks for reading,

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