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My Nora Ephron Stash

My Nora Ephron Stash

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a huge fan of Nora Ephron’s work. I have blogged about her a few times. And when she died, I was heartbroken. Nora Ephron is the epitome of what I wanted to be. But there was, and can be, only one Nora Ephron. I will always admire and adore her.

Of course, I have read all of her books. But, over the years, I must have loaned my books out or donated some of them when I finished reading them, or something, because when I went to go find them again, they were nowhere to be found. So I ordered them all again. Didn’t everyone else get their Barnes & Noble credit notification? I received a little over $11.00 in credit for some lawsuit I know nothing about. But I used my credit immediately on these books.


I plan to read them all again, over and over. I also want to do YouTube videos about her essays and articles. There’s also this one that I ordered a while ago that I also plan to do a blog series on someday:


You’ll probably know Nora from her movies she wrote and/or directed. Here is a list of some of the more popular and mainstream movies you’ll recognize:

  • When Harry Met Sally (writer)
  • You’ve Got Mail (director/writer)
  • Sleepless in Seattle (director/screenplay)
  • Julie & Julia (director/screenplay)
  • Heartburn (novel/screenplay writer)
  • Silkwood (writer)

But there’s a big ole long list of her work at IMDb.

Anyway, I was all giddy with glee when the books were delivered. This makes me a very happy Love Bunny. What about you, who is your favorite author, writer, director?

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