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My Own Little Alabama Road Trip

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My Own Little Alabama Road Trip

Today, The Gent and I took our own little Alabama road trip to the Gunter Annex of Maxwell AFB in Montgomery. My son, The Manchild, was sworn into the National Guard. He will do one weekend a month until he ships out to Boot Camp (and other training) in August.

At that time, he will be away from home for 28 weeks, that’s 7 months y’all. Doesn’t 28 weeks sound shorter? He’ll be allowed to come home for Christmas break though.


After all of his training is complete, he will then go to college in Alabama on a full time basis and still do his weekend drills. The plan is to have the National Guard pay for his college tuition. We shall see how that really works.


Nonetheless, I believe The Manchild will learn a lot during his training and I am glad he signed up. I am very proud of him.

So, please forgive me up front, right now, because I may be blogging about how much I miss The Manchild or how much I am worrying about The Manchild while he is away at Boot Camp. Or I’ll just try to keep all that to myself. I’ve probably said too much already.

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