My Thoughts on Richard Sherman

My Thoughts on Richard Sherman

If you are a football fan then you’ve no doubt seen the clip when Erin Andrews did a brief sideline interview with Richard Sherman right after he performed an amazing winning play in the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Some folks say he was just all hyped up from adrenaline and some say he was just being an ungracious typical “thug” player with his ego out of control.

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The first time I heard about Richard Sherman was just a few short months ago, in October, when I asked my then 16-year old son which NFL player was his favorite. I was hoping to gather gift ideas for my son.  His birthday was approaching and I was at a loss. What sort of gift do you get for a 16-year old boy? Someone suggested a football jersey of his favorite NFL player. Without hesitation, my son responded with Richard Sherman. I had to ask my husband who this Richard Sherman was and what team he played for at the time.

Well, I never paid much attention to Richard Sherman much after that, kind of put it out of my mind. He was an NFL player, that’s all I knew about him. Okay, good for Mr. Sherman. I reckon I put professional athletes in the same category as rock stars, celebrities, and famous politicians. They are inaccessible and just people to watch in the news or on television. In other words, they aren’t real people to me, in the sense that they don’t have a monotonous life with a matte finish. They are people I will never meet or hang out with and I can’t relate to them and they can’t relate to me.

Then the infamous interview with Erin Andrews comes along. I’ll admit, at first, I was appalled at Sherman’s outburst. I believe my reaction to the interview was a normal one considering I am a 47-year old mother of two teens who doesn’t follow the players in the NFL with a magnifying glass. It was a short clip I saw on the news the next day, after the game, the day after it all happened and the media got a hold of the clip and blasted it out everywhere. I saw a 10 to 15 second clip of Sherman’s outburst.

At first, I thought it was a typical response from a spoiled pampered celebrated NFL player. But at the time, I knew nothing about Richard Sherman. I had prejudged Mr. Sherman and didn’t think another thing about it and went on with my daily routine.

I did think, though, that my son and I would have to have a conversation about his admiration for this NFL player, Richard Sherman. I thought, “Oh no, this is the person my son likes to watch and follow in the football world?” Yes, indeed, we were going to have to have a conversation.

After the media had their little fit over the interview, then the sports analysts came in and gave the rest of us normal folk a clearer picture of Richard Sherman. This is when I learned a little more about the best cornerback in the NFL. He attended (and graduated from) Stanford and is a member of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity and from what I understand he maintained a 3.9 GPA. Uh, hello?!

What I have learned by doing just a little bit of investigative work on my part is that he is an intelligent young man with a bit of an edge. He grew up in Compton, California after all. There is an article out there somewhere, I can’t find it now, by one of his professors who wrote that he is a misunderstood human being. The professor wrote that while Sherman seemed to be an angry black man, and nearly defended that attitude because of Sherman coming from Compton, but the article also pointed out how Sherman rose above it all and made something of himself.

The thing that touches me the most is when I see images of Richard Sherman smiling. When I see him smiling in those images, he softens up to me and I can see his warm and caring side. He has an infectious smile, that’s for sure.

Listen, I am on the fence about Sherman’s outburst. One minute I am all like that was totally inappropriate and other times I giggle about it on the inside and think well, yeah, why not?

And then this video of little kids and their parody of the interview took my feelings to a whole new level of respect for Sherman. What I see in this video of the little kids is gumption. The gumption to stand up for yourself if someone is taunting you or making fun of you.

I mean really, how adorable and spirited! DON’T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT ME! I love it!

The Manchild (my 17-year old son) will be home for the Super Bowl weekend and we will have that conversation about Richard Sherman but it won’t be like the original conversation I had planned for him. It will be different now. And then we’ll get to watch the Super Bowl together. I am looking forward to it.

I have a new found respect for Richard Sherman. Yes, I am still a little cautious but I am open. I would certainly like to meet Richard Sherman, that’s for sure. He seems like he would be fun to meet and would definitely bring in a new perspective and spirit to my linear domain.

What about you my little love bunnies, what is your take on Richard Sherman?

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