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Oh look what I can do; a new template. It sort of matches my other at Girl Gad About. I like this template. It is simple, straight and to the point. No fancy flashing lights, just a one column clean feel. I like it.

I still don’t have a theme/niche for this blog and I probably never will. And I’m okay with that, I’m keeping it for the .com and name.

Anyway, are you getting ready for the Fourth of July? We’ll be doing our regular thing and head out to our friends place for some great fellowship and delicious barbecue. I know, it’s outdoors but it’s so worth it. Normally, after this annual outing we go home to watch the Boston Pops on television and catch the digital fireworks but this year we decided to head the ball game; the Huntsville Stars. It’s indoors in the skybox with A/C and I’ll be with The Gent so it will all be good and okay.

Doesn’t this holiday in the middle of the week bite? I don’t know, maybe every week we should have Wednesday off. I’ll decide how I feel on Thursday.

Nora Ephron died a few days ago and this has saddened me greatly. I signed up for Netflix just so I can have my own private Nora Ephron movie marathon. I also blew through a Barnes & Noble gift card and purchased all her books (again) but this time on my new Nook that The Gent bought me. I think this is why I’ve been in a somewhat good mood lately because I’ve been steeped in Nora Ephron for the last few days and I love her work. She is the type of writer that I’d love to become.

Well, anyway, ya’ll be safe out there for the holiday.

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  • Andrew says:

    I like this theme too. It’s simple and classy. Is that sweet tea as the bg image or a cocktail? Our 4th was really nice. I smoked many pounds of pig and enjoyed every minute! Hope you had a good holiday as well!

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