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On Gwyneth Paltrow

On Gwyneth Paltrow

I must be getting old and soft because I am about to do something totally out of character for me. I am about to defend a celebrity. Of course, everyone by now has heard what Gwyneth Paltrow said about her parenting hardships and everyone by now has voiced their fair share of ridicule about her comments too.


Now, let me ask you something. Have you ever said anything stupid? I know I have. Besides that, when I heard about her marriage failing, my first thought was, “Oh, that’s too bad.” And I meant that because I hate to see a marriage decompose, especially a long term marriage.

I also thought about what sort of marriage they may have had. She was married to a Rock Star, a literal Rock Star, right? (Chris Martin) Can you imagine? I can’t. I would hate that sort of thing. Him, always being on the road, on tour, never being home. On top of that, having adoring fans (women and men) practically throwing themselves at you. It would make anyone suspicious-crazy, I’m sure.

Think of their schedule for a second. Yes, I know they selected that type of career and they chose to bring children into it. But you and I both know how feelings and thoughts and our minds change after actually having children. Shit gets real. I can only imagine, like most women, they would want a regular routine with their husbands home to help and be a parent too. I know I would want that in a relationship.

Now, I’m not saying that Gwyneth’s Rock Star husband was never home and never helped out. I have no idea quite frankly but you have to to suspect that both of their schedules are crazy. Insert Nanny here. Insert lots of money here too. And dare I say – Insert a huge amount of guilt too? Maybe this sort of lifestyle started to weigh heavily on Gwyneth’s heart?

My point is that NO ONE KNOWS so NO ONE SHOULD BE JUDGING HER! Yes, she said something stupid but hell people, I am sure I say something stupid every week! No, I am not in the public eye like Gwyneth. No, I am not a role model. Guess what? Neither is Gwyneth, nor should she be.

If you need a role model, look to your own mother, your own face-to-face friends, your peers who you see every day. The people you KNOW, don’t look to someone you see about 10 minutes a year on television or in a two hour movie for crying out loud.

I watched, in disgust, Fox News anchors mock Gwyneth for what she said. They made fun of her and judged her and berated her on their news channel. I was appalled at “professional journalists” behaving in such a manner. Shameful!

Now, would I have behaved like that in my younger days? Sure. I would have flown off the handle and jumped on that bandwagon in a heart beat. But now? I am just old, my kids are grown, and I think I have lived through more stuff now and the compassion in my heart is a tad bit bigger these days.

I am so tired of snark and people attacking one another. I wish we’d try harder at cutting some folks some slack about the little things. So what, Gwyneth thinks she has it harder than most parents. She just might. I haven’t walked in her shoes and quite frankly, I don’t want to either. I like my little schedule and routine and predictability. Thank you very much.

God Bless you Gwyneth, I do sincerely hope you find comfort and support from your friends. Peace be with you.

Thanks for reading and putting up with me My Little Love Bunnies,

headlovebunny march 2014 Writer. Blogger. Baptizing the ordinary and mundane with my very own vein of levity.

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  • Great post. We really don’t know what struggles are going on behind closed doors. I’m sure she was actually expressing how she felt. I’m sure she looks at other families and sees love and support, that maybe she doesn’t have. Someone who is hurting is going to think that others have it easier. That’s what hurt does to a person. She was just being honest, and in her honesty, her pain showed.

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