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Other Writers

Since I’ve been hitting a brick wall lately with what to write on the old blog I thought I would give you a list of other writing bloggers. Enjoy….

Susan Cushman at Pen and Palette talks about Thoreau on the Writer’s Life. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Susan via the internet. She is living the writing life I’d like to live.

From her current blog post:

I want to make a home for myself with my writing—especially in other people’s minds, but also on paper and in time. And so I blog. Three times a week for the past three and a half years I have shared my art, my life, my musings, book reviews, family news, my ups, my downs, with whoever will listen, whoever will read the words I have poured onto the page. When something big happens—whether it’s good news or trauma—my first instinct has always been to share it with someone, to write about it.

Susan just got back from a month long writing retreat from the beach too! I love reading her blog and Facebook status updates. She always has something good and positive to share, she keeps me inspired and encouraged.

Next up is Allison Winn Scotch, she has an awesome Question Of The Day, where her regular readers can email her their questions and she’ll answer them on her blog.

Currently on her blog she is giving thanks.

I have a lot, A LOT, to be thankful for when it comes to my career, and as I’ve repeatedly stated on this blog, no author achieves any modicum of success on his or her own.

It’s nice to see a successful person giving credit to others.

And then we have Julie Buxbaum who has no qualms whatsoever to put it all out there for all to see. In one of her most recent posts she talks about a struggle she has with a main character.

In the Modern Girl’s Handbook, one of my main characters finds herself practically friendless. Since she’s a good person, and I love her, and I want my readers to love her, I’ve been thinking a lot about how someone could accidentally become so isolated.

I love the type of writer Julie represents, fearless.

There is another trait that these three writers have that I admire, their honesty. Their ability to share with the rest of us what is really going on with them at any given time, they are all fearless in their honesty. I love that.

These ladies have inspired me, at the same time they have validated me in the fact that writing is definitely something I need (and should) be doing on a regular basis. I just need to “get over myself” and get to writing, fearlessly and honestly.

So thank you!

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