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Oy, Another New Direction

So I had coffee with a new friend today. We’ve actually had coffee and lunch and dinner before. She’s fairly new to the area and she is part of a larger group of bloggers here in town. There is something about her that I like. Have you ever met a person and you just sort of click with them, even if you know you have some differences of opinions or ideas but yet you know you can learn from one another?


She has a huge big blog and following under a different domain name. But I am going to share with you the new blog of hers that she has started that has also inspired me to change up mine. She bravely just went with her real name as her new domain. She’s putting it out there and I am very inspired!

Conni Smith

I asked her if I could share it out and she said, “Yes, it’s out there now for the world to see. I put it out there.”

Anyway, I don’t know how often I’ll blog here on this site. I don’t think I am as brave as Conni. I have thoughts and opinions and ideas, yes. But I also change my mind a lot and I hate to put something out there in writing, so permanent, when I may or may not change my mind about any given topic on a later date.

My entire life, I have never really stood on solid ground, about anything. Not out loud and in front of everyone anyway. But even alone, I am always questioning things, people, situations, life. It is quite bothersome that I stand on the fence and can see both sides. I wish I could come down one way or another sometimes. But then again, from up here on my fence, at least I can see both sides and try to be fair, open, honest, and accepting.

Who knows.

Thanks for reading,

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