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PicLab – Photo Editor

PicLab – Photo Editor

This week I’d like to share with you a photo editor that I use to type words on my images. It’s called PicLab. I think I first found this app via Grasping for Objectivity’s blog. While she didn’t blog about this particular app, I do credit her for motivating me to look up photo editing apps on my own.


The way I use PicLab is to put my stamp on all of my photos. Of course, the app also lets you share your picture all over your social media networks as well, and you can email yourself the photo too.

PicLab2PicLab also has filters, patterns, and textures you can use to enhance your photographs, as well as brightness and contrast adjustments. The app is fairly simple and straight forward, easy to use and figure out.

PicLab is a photo editor by Roberto Nickson and can be purchased and downloaded on iTunes. This is their official description:

quotesAdd beautiful typography, apply stunning filters and photo effects, and add an ever-growing collection of shapes, light FX, textures, borders, patterns, and more to your photos and share them to your favorite social networks!

So that’s it, that is what I have to share with you this week in the “Great Finds” of the week.

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