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Pre-Workout Drink Review: Condense™ by Purus Labs®

Pre-Workout Drink Review: Condense™ by Purus Labs®

Pre-Workout Drink Review: Condense™ by Purus Labs®

Most of the people I know who do CrossFit swear by pre-workout drinks. I have been skeptical myself, until recently. This is my Pre-Workout Drink Review: Condense™ by Purus Labs®

Pre-Workout Drink Review: Condense™ by Purus Labs®

I’ve been drinking the pre-workout drink for about two weeks now, maybe three. Let me start by saying I am glad I told my coach that I had started drinking a pre-workout drink. On the first day, I mentioned it to him and he said, “Yeah, your skin will start tingling soon but it won’t last long.

He asked me what drink I was taking and I told him, he knew what to expect. If I had not known that my skin might start tingling, I might have freaked out a little. LOL

But it wasn’t anything serious. I did notice a little invigoration for about 15 to 20 minutes the first few days. But now, I am totally used to it and don’t even notice it.

I feel like I get a better workout with this pre-workout drink. I can endure longer, lift heavier, and recover sooner. I feel stronger.

I honestly don’t know how I’ve been doing CrossFit without a pre-workout drink this long. I have noticed a huge difference in my performance in just the 2 to 3 weeks I’ve been using it.

The way it works, as it was described to me by the Absolute Nutrition associate, was that it uses nutrient technology to increase oxygen delivery to working muscles. It enhances hydration and increases blood flow.

You can find more details on their website.

I think the main thing I have noticed is the ability to go longer and harder with a WOD. Yes, I still gasp for breath (LOL) and I still feel exhausted during a WOD but I am able to continue without wanting to quit. The ability to get back on the bar faster has improved.

And as far as weightlifting, I don’t know any other way to describe it except to simply say I feel stronger while lifting. I’ve been able to add more weight to power cleans and back squats. And of course, each time I add weight, I get a little confidence boost. My pull-ups are improving as well.

For me, I think I can see more of an improvement with weightlifting than I can with a METCON. I still struggle with METCONS but I’m getting better. If I can improve my all over weightlifting performance then I think that will make the METCONS more doable because I will be stronger.

As far as the flavor, I currently have Crisp Apple flavor and it’s okay, just not my favorite. The Florida Orange or Sangria Lemonade sound interesting. I will try one of those flavors next.

I WILL be purchasing this product again, just in a different flavor. 🙂

I highly recommend visiting Absolute Nutrition for all of your supplemental needs. They have a highly educated staff who are friendly and eager to share their information to help you perform better and get the results you’re seeking.

Absolute Nutrition’s staff is the best, they continually check in with you to see how your goals are coming along, they ask how they can be helpful, they recommend all the right products for your specific needs. They don’t just sell you something and walk away, they build a relationship with you. Their follow-up is phenomenal. I appreciate that, they have fantastic customer service.

Ciao Mio Amore,

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