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Rocket City Bloggers

Rocket City Bloggers

Rocket City Bloggers

Rocket City Bloggers is a group of like-minded people who get together from time to time to share information, knowledge, and their passion for blogging. We are an informal group, and we like to socialize with each other. We have a wide variety of bloggers ranging from foodies, music, photography, parenting, writers, fitness, hobbies/crafts, and personal blogs. If you have a blog and live in (or near) Huntsville, come join us!

We come together to share information, ideas, and just to be around other like-minded folk.

If you live in north Alabama and have a blog, come on out to join us. We also have a Facebook Group, so contact me about that and I can add you to the group.

Our “requirements” for joining us are simple:

1.) have a blog
2.) live or work in the area of north Alabama

It doesn’t matter what type of blog, it can be a personal blog or a business blog. Our face-to-face meetings are fairly informal and a lot educational. It’s fun getting together with other bloggers, I learn SO MUCH from this group.

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