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‘Round The Reader

‘Round The Reader

After the difficult previous two blog entries I wrote via the writing prompts from #bloglikecrazy there finally comes an easier one.

I used to do these ‘Round The Reader blog posts on a regular basis, a long time ago, on another blog. It wasn’t my idea, I copied the format from another blogger but for the life of me I can’t remember which one it was now.

Sunday, Nov. 4 — Link Love: Compile a list of links to some of the most intriguing and insightful articles and blog posts you read online this week. Try to pick articles related to your niche and add some meaningful commentary to your list so your fans will understand why they should take the time reading these posts too. This is a great way to keep your readers informed and to show love to other bloggers. You may even consider making this a regular feature of your blog.

Anyway, here are some links to what I’ve been reading lately.

Oh, and by the way, if you look up at the very top of my blog, in that black area above my banner, you’ll see a menu tab titled, “From The Reader” and it is a page that lists all of my starred items from my Google Reader. So, there’s always that to peruse through at your convenience too.

Some of these are articles I’ve read recently and I also listed a few of my favorite websites too.

Simply Recipes – I am not a foodie person. The Gent does all of our cooking at our house. However, I do like this site because it is SIMPLE. It is easy to get around on, their recipes are easy but sophisticated, and they have a gluten-free section. I did do the cooking for Thanksgiving this year and I selected all of the dishes from this website. The site also has the ability to export the recipe ingredients into a shopping list! Brilliant.

Daily Writing Tips – How To Write A Book Review – this one I found interesting because I’ve been wanting to write more book reviews. I’ve been too scared to write them because I feel like I won’t do it correctly. But this article talks about author’s intent and supporting arguments. Yes, this is too involved for me. I just want to write my opinion about the danged book. Am I doing the book review a disservice if I only write my opinion?

Huntsville Development Blog – Renderings of Twickenham Square – when this blog pops up on my Reader with a new entry I always click and read. Today the author posts about the groundbreaking for Twickenham Square. The new development will consist of retail space, apartments, medical plazas, and hotels. Seems nice enough I guess. We’ll see.

Deep South Magazine – anything from this site is fantastic, really. You can’t go wrong with any of the articles. It is a different kind of southern online journal. It is fresh and sophisticated and modern.

Zoom, Vivace, Jass: The Power of Words – this was found in the See Jane Write Facebook group. It was posted by Sheree, who owns and writes the blog The Ben Franklin Follies. I love the title of her blog by the way. Clever. Anyway, this blog entry was a great little read and inspiring. I want to do the same thing on my blog very soon and it comes at the best time – end of a year and beginning a new. I will meditate and search for my three words for the next few days, or weeks, and will try my best to blog it here at some point – probably in January.

Rocket City Bloggers – of course I still keep up with some of the Rocket City Bloggers as well. Zoot, Bo Williams, The Dining Dragon & Mrs. Dragon’s Den, Joe Martin Fitness, Calluna, Entirely Adequate (recently moved to Georgia), and This Belle Rocks – just to name a few. Go give them a read.

So, that’s what I’ve been reading lately.

Thanks for reading,

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  • Thanks, Carol. I’m honored to be included on your list! Look forward to reading your post about the words you choose.

    And I’m becoming a big fan of Deep South Magazine, too. Just discovered it about 2 months ago. The Arts & Lit section and features are particularly good.

  • Kim @ This Belle Rocks says:

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! I need to start doing more of these types of posts as well.

    As for the book review – if you didn’t want to do a “review” according to the guidelines, you could always assert that it’s more of an opinion piece – that’s how I do most of my concert reviews.

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