Shopping Guide for the Writer in Your Life

Shopping Guide for the Writer in Your Life

I’m not going to pretend that I know what all writers want for Christmas. I can only go by what THIS writer would like to see in her Christmas stocking. Lately, I have seen a lot of shopping guides pop up so I thought I’d do one too, for writers or bloggers.

Pens and/or pencils – you will have to really know the writer you are shopping for in order to get this one right. Some writers actually still write in long hand. I do. Personally, I like Sharpie Pens for my regular everyday rugged writing but that doesn’t mean that all other writers like Sharpie Pens. I also bought a really super nice pen a few years back (pictured below) from a blogger in Birmingham. He makes beautiful hand-made wooden pens. I can confidently say that any writer would love to receive a special pen like this one. The refills are super easy to find. I purchased my refills at Office Depot. I have spoken with Carl Carter of Carter’s Pens and he is handling things through is Facebook page. He’s already nearly full on ordering for Christmas. He MIGHT be able to handle one or two more in time for the holiday but I can’t promise anything.

Pen1  Pen2

Notebooks, papers, and pads, oh my! Again, the old fashioned way of writing is still done by some writers. I personally like the Moleskines but the writer in your life may like those .99 spiral notebooks. Nothing wrong with that! Just make sure to find out if they like college-rule or wide-rule. My guess will be college-rule. I’m serious when I say that I’d LOVE to receive a big ole stack of these for Christmas. Yes, I like Moleskine but I’d certainly delight in the other too! The notebooks shown here are from Staples and they are $1.29 a piece. If you bought 20 of them, you’d be out of pocket a little over $25.00. I know, it seems like a cheap gift but trust me when I say that most writers would be grateful for it because we feel guilty for going out and spending anything on ourselves. Maybe I am only speaking for myself here, I don’t know. You could always couple the notebook gift with the nice pen! Image courtesy of Staples. Coupon codes for Staples.

Writers also read. I think that getting them a gift card for Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Books-A-Million would be perfectly okay. You might also think about other ways they purchase their books or reading material. Do they prefer real books or do they have a Nook or Kindle? Do they have books piled up around the house? If so, a nice book shelf would be a good idea. Think about a nice tote bag they can fill up with books while they go to and from the library. Check out this website for some other ideas: Gone Reading

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s get more creative shall we? Of course, I went for Pinterest for the following ideas.

Dictionary TOM’S – Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. But you can only get them online, so hurry and click on that link I provided, it will take you directly to the shoe on TOM’S website.

A typewriter keyboard via Shatterboxx- as my daughter would say, “TotesAdorb.” Of course, you’ll have to find it elsewhere. Shatterboxx only shows a picture of it and wants to know where they, too, can get their hands on this cute keyboard. HINT: Look in the comment section on the link I provided.

The F-Bomb Paperweight – Handmade in Utah from recycled steel. Cute!

And OH EM GEE! I am going to end the guide with this next one because there is nothing better after this gem. A book scarf! The Etsy Shop also has writing gloves and pillow covers. I want all the things.

Hope you enjoyed this personal shopping guide for writers. Okay, I realize this isn’t a “real” shopping guide but merely suggestions. Good luck and let me know if you went looking for any of the things I listed. I’d love to know and see your purchases. 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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