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Smooth Operator

In keeping with the theme of gratitude and thankfulness…..

Today I am just grateful that everything ran smoothly. I was productive at work and everyone seemed to be in good cheer. No one was running around losing their minds.

We had a lunch and learn at work today and I had to get everyone’s orders and go get the food. I was dreading this all morning because I hate doing that sort of thing but it all went well. No bumps in the road. Everyone was happy.

Also, I was productive and got a lot of work done today. I am thankful for that for sure. My days aren’t always busy at work. It ebbs and flows. But I like feeling like I am getting things done, it makes me feel useful and needed.

Here are some of the things I got done today:

  • processed a new hire which consists of a lot of different components (signed them up for health insurance, Alabama new hire, I-9 validation, etc etc)
  • sat in on two interviews
  • participated in the HR lunch and learn
  • prepared all timecards for payroll tomorrow
  • checked on our financial situation and got some bills ready to pay
  • reconciled bank statement
  • received some payments and processed them, bank run for deposit
  • processed some purchase orders

So yeah, it was a productive day. I wasn’t swamped but there was a steady flow of work that got done.

Am I at my total dream job? Of course not. Who is right? I think it is a rarity that someone is doing their dream job. However, I have a good job and a decent job and it pays the bills as well as some extras. I am the health care provider in our family so I have that as well from my employer. I am grateful for my job but today I was grateful for being productive.

For a while there I thought I may not get around to getting my post done for today. But here I am with still plenty of time left in the day. It’s only 5:45PM after all.

The one thing about doing this daily gratitude blogging is that it makes me pay attention. It makes me look for happiness and gratitude in my day and where I can improve on my behavior.

A word about gratitude. I’ve learned that gratitude is not a result of anything but it is an action. Am I grateful for my job? Then show up and work and give my best effort. Am I grateful for a roof over my head? Then get up and clean it and take care of it. Am I grateful for my family and friends? Then be kind, loving, and respectful. I just can’t walk around saying I am grateful for so-and-so, I have to show that I am grateful. Gratitude is action, a behavior. That’s the way I see it anyway.

Thanks for reading.

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