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I have made a decision. I have thought about this all day. I woke up with this thought and I have given it a full 8 hours…

365 Days

I have made a decision. I have thought about this all day. I woke up with this thought and I have given it a full 8 hours to roll around in my head. Now, it may just be that I am in a really good mood right now, or it also may be that I will regret what I am about to tell you tomorrow, but I’m going to go for it anyway.

The decision I have made is to blog 365 days in a row.

Why, you ask? I don’t know, I just feel the fire to try it. Why such a big huge goal; 365 days in a row? Well, if you are going to go, go big. I know, I know… I have attempted the 30 day blogging challenge before, several times, only to encounter failure after failure. I believe I did complete one of the 30 day challenges before, even if I did cheat and post only YouTube videos for a few days in a row.

This time, I promise, I will not cheat and post only videos when I am uninspired or feel like I have nothing to blog about. Oh I’m sure I’ll post a video or two but it will be accompanied with words, some sort of commentary. I will do my very upmost best to try to post something meaningful even if it is just two sentences. I will try hard to make it a good two sentences.

I believe this will be a great way for me to 1) practice writing; 2) to be observant throughout my day, looking for things to write about, and 3) help establish discipline with writing.

So yeah, I might not blog some big ole long drawn out entry on a daily basis but I will commit to writing something here every day. What I write on any given day may not even make sense to you but, trust me, it will make sense to me.

But there is another layer to this experiment. In writing on the blog every day, I don’t want to just throw something up here for the sake of this experiment. No, I want it to be meaningful and as I have already stated, this will help me pay attention to the things around me. I will hopefully become more aware while I am on the look out for things to write about, or become grateful in reflection of my day. I used to make gratitude lists on a nightly basis, reviewing my day and looking for regular ordinary things that I was thankful for; it brought my day into a different perspective. I want to do that again.

I thought about not telling everyone that this was my new mission. I thought about just doing it and see if anyone notices, or just do it and not worry about it. But you know how when someone wants to quit smoking or lose weight? And the experts say to tell someone, or everyone you know, and that way you would sort of be held accountable? Yeah, that is what I am doing here, I reckon, by telling you my plan.

Believe me, the thought of failure is very big and in the forefront of my brain right now. But you know what else? It’s just blogging, it’s just writing, it’s just an experiment, it’s just a goal, it’s just a plan, it’s just a thought. It doesn’t matter what you call it but it is the effort behind it that matters. Taking action, that is what is important for me these days.

Tomorrow, being Monday, I may regret this decision. But that will be the time to buckle down and push forward. It will be the time to start being observant. It will be the time to start looking for a little gratitude in my life. I just hope I don’t FORGET to blog in the next few days. You know, because I’ve become to accustomed to NOT blogging. I hope I don’t forget. Maybe I will put it on my SmartPhone calendar as a reminder! LOL Yes, I have gotten that bad with forgetting things. I put everything on my Blackberry calendar, set with reminder alerts and all.

So anyway, that’s my plan. We shall see.


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