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That’s a Stupid Idea Carol, Another Writing Group? Really?

That’s a Stupid Idea Carol, Another Writing Group? Really?

I’m fixing to bear my soul to you, once again. This time, though, it’s for real. Well, it’s always for real, it just goes a little deeper today. And it is also the Question of the Week.


There is a lovely group of women in Birmingham who belong to a writing network called See Jane Write. Javacia Bowser is the founder and I love her! She’s so smart and “with it” and creative and kind and generous, and did I mention smart?

First of all, I love the name See Jane Write. How clever is that I ask you? Very marketable as well. It would go over in any city. I’d love to start a “chapter” here in Huntsville. But alas, it is not time.

Secondly, I love what the group does for writers of all types. They support authors, non published authors, writers, bloggers, journalists and more. They also put together events to bring folks together that might be a good fit with one another. Javacia has created a network of people that support and encourage one another as well as provide educational topics and learning experiences.

I want to start something like that here in Huntsville and so I will. I’ll go ahead and plan and start creating a group here that will work in tandem with other groups. I shall call the group, “The Noras.”

Now, anyone who knows me, and knows me well, knows that I absolutely love and adore Nora Ephron (RIP). So I want to call this group The Noras.

When I first started thinking up names for this new writing group for women, I was all over the place. I went from The Extraordinary League of Women (already taken btw), to The Writers of Madison County, to something with the name Carrie Bradshaw in it, to all the way with anything in between Erma Bombeck and Dorothy Parker and her Algonquin Roundtable.

And then it happened. I thought about Nora Ephron and knew I had to create something in honor of her. And while this group would be in honor of her, I also don’t want to use her full name in case of any legal action so I am thinking about just using her first name.

quotesWhatever you choose, however many roads you travel, I hope that you choose not to be a lady. I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women. ~ Nora Ephron, commencement speech at Wellesley College, 1996

But do I want it to be The No’Ala Noras? Or The Alabama Noras? I like it simply as The Noras. Yes, I realize a lot of folks won’t have a clue what The Noras are all about or what it means. But they’ll figure it out and it would act as a great opportunity to introduce them to Nora Ephron. Although, it is way more than likely they already know her work and don’t realize it.

So The Noras it is. The Question of the Week: would you support another writing group? In support I mean, participate in, help promote, attend events and such?

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