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The Classic Stiletto

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The Classic Stiletto

The Classic Stiletto

I recently read in one of my legion of fashion magazines an article where the writer asked several different types of people in the fashion industry what style/fashion piece changed them.

Some picked handbags, some picked clothing or style of clothing like the mini-skirt, and some picked accessories and shoes.

shoes1My pick would be the classic stiletto. At one time in my life, I even had a blog named with the word Stiletto in it; many moons ago. Imagine that Bo Williams.

The word stiletto is Italian and is intended to be used as a stabbing weapon. It is actually a knife with a long thin blade and a razor-sharp pointed end. And now you know why the word is used as a slang to describe the high heel that makes women’s legs look sensational and that men still admire the most on women today. Well, some men.

As for me, I still have that same excitement and pleasure today when I slip into a pair of stilettos as I did the first time I did many years ago for the first time. I feel sexy. I feel like a woman. I feel feminine. I feel confident. I feel bold. I feel invincible.

So that would be the one fashion staple that changed me the most. Who knew a pair of shoes would do so much?

What about you? Is there a fashion piece that changed you?

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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