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The Rest of December

For the rest of December, you’re gonna hear a lot from me about the upcoming year, 2014 and what I plan to do with it.

I am gearing up, preparing, and generally psyching myself up to become the best writer I’ve ever been. In 2014 I will focus on writing creative nonfiction, short essays, and I’ll use my blog to practice and put it all out there.

No more wish-washy back and forth blog topics. I’m throwing out the editorial calendars. No more will I write product reviews, participate in memes, promote companies, or any sort of other “blogging” things that bloggers are doing nowadays.


I will simply write. I will write and be done with it. I will not worry so much about how I am marketing myself, what brand I have, or be concerned with a niche. I will simply write.

For the rest of December, I am trying to get my mind wrapped around this concept. While this place is still a blog, I will try my very best not to blog in that standard blogging format. Instead, I want to provide some decent personal short essays and creative nonfiction. I am still trying to figure out what that looks like for me.

Normally I don’t believe in all that resolution stuff but I will consider this my New Year resolution – to write. I will be focused and purposeful with my writing. I will write without thinking about what to do with it once it is done. I won’t do anything. I will just write.

I think this is part of the reason I don’t write as much as I want to write. Because I wonder what I will do with it once it is done. Where will it go? Where will I send it? Is it perfect enough? Therefore, I either 1.) don’t start or 2.) won’t finish.

There is only ONE contest I want to enter right now. That is the Erma Bombeck contest. I entered this the last time they had it open and I received some great feedback from the judges. This one is not hard to enter and since I’ve entered it before, I know I can manage something again.

But that is the only one I will seek out to enter. For now, I am trying to think about what creative nonfiction and short personal essays mean to me. What is it that I want to put out there? What kind of material to I want to write about?

For the rest of December, this is what I am going to meditate on and think about, trying to figure that out.

Also, look for a redesign of this blog, coming soon. It won’t be anything too drastic. I want a clean and simple aesthetic, that’s all.

In the meantime, have a great holiday. Stay warm and calm while doing your Christmas shopping. And safe travels.

Love to all,

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