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Track Your WODs

Track Your WODs

Track Your WODs

Track your WODs. Do you write down your workouts? I never did until I started CrossFit. I never saw the need to write down my workouts until I started CrossFit. And even in the beginning, when I was brand-spankin’ new to CrossFit, I didn’t write down my WODs. I didn’t know. Now I write them down religiously.

Track Your WODs

Why? Why do I record the WODs? For several different reasons –

  1. To record PRs (Personal Records) – which means if in January I did a 235# deadlift and in September I did a 250# deadlift, then the 250# deadlift was my new PR.
  2. To see if I’ve improved on any of the benchmark and Hero WODs such as Nancy, Fran, Grace or Nate, Griff, Murph, JT, respectively. For the record, I cannot do ANY of the Hero WODs, not without modifying or scaling them heavily.
  3. To go back and see how I did on any particular movement and see how much weight I need to add for current WOD.
  4. In case I am out of town and not near a visiting box, I could at least lookup a WOD to see if I could pick out a WOD that may or may not require weights. Something I could do in any hotel gym, YMCA, or even my hotel room.
  5. In general, to see when and where I improved with timing, scaling, reps, rounds, and added weights.
  6. Also, to look at when later I can’t believe I did it. Ha!

Our box uses Wodify –

Wodify software is based in the cloud, so you and your athletes can access it from anywhere. That means your athletes can track their performance and sign into class on the go, and you can manage billing, run reports, and program WODs from home, the office, or the box on any device. With online membership sales, point of sale, and payroll, we’re here to help you run your business better.

As an athlete and not a box owner, I can still go into Wodify and add my results, look up my results, and look at what upcoming WODS there are for the week.


Do you record your WODs? If so, how and where? Do you use pen and paper or some sort of app?

A cool APP that I recently discovered is called Full Throttle WOD – The APP for Crossfitters, by Crossfitters. And it’s free for a limited time. I just downloaded it and will give it a whirl. I’ll report back later.

Ciao Mio Amore,

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