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Trusting The Edge And Your Hair Stylist

Trusting The Edge And Your Hair Stylist

At the last minute I decided I wanted a mohawk, or at least a fauxhawk. I asked my stylist if she was busy and miraculously she was free today. So I decided to do it.

I was so nervous but once I got my butt in her chair, all of my anxiety and worries dissipated. I became so relaxed that I think I nodded off once or twice while she was cutting, clipping, and sheering away.

It’s nice to trust your hair stylist. I showed her couple of images of Kelly Osborn and Felecia knew right away what I was after. She knows me so well. But I was nervous, at first, while showing her the pictures. I didn’t know if I could pull it off or not at my age.

Hair Style, Mohawk

Felecia put my worries at ease and said, “Of course you can pull it off, it’s who YOU ARE.”

It’s like she can see things in me or about me that I can’t see. So I trust her. And I like the results.

Felecia McInnish Hair

I love it. The best part about the “new-do” is that it is so versatile. Yes, short hair can be versatile. I can wear it like a fauxhawk (my favorite) or if I need to calm it down a bit I can do that too by flat ironing down into a sleek side swoop.

Felecia McInnish Facebook Page

What is the craziest hair style you ever had?

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!


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