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blogpostimageDo you know the kind of people who can dish it out all day long but as soon as you start to give it back to them they get all sensitive and touchy? Yeah? I know them too. It seems I am running into them more and more.

Recently, I spoke bluntly in response to someone’s question. I did not mean it in any sort of malice and I was not intending to be harmful. I was simply speaking straight forward and in plain terms.

In other words, I did not sugar coat my response like most good southerners would do.

Basically, I told my truth in the matter, how I felt about how I saw the situation, outright without adding any fluff to the conversation. Let me see if I can give you an example:

Other person: “Do these jeans make my butt look big or should I try another size?”

Me: “They look alright, not bad at all. But you might want to think about what top, sweater, or blouse you want to wear with them.”

Other person: “Well, I don’t care what top I wear, I like the jeans and I am buying them.”

Me: “Then why did you ask me my opinion?”

Other person: “Oh! Well, excuse me for trying to include you, I am sorry if I pissed you off!”

After this exchange, I find myself totally baffled by the other person’s response. Maybe I am a little naive but I am thinking, “What the heck just happened here?”

Why do they suspect they pissed me off just because I called them out – because apparently when they asked for my opinion, they had no intention of taking my opinion into account anyway. Yet, they are the ones that get all huffy while turning it back on me by accusing me of getting all pissy about it.

They asked me a question, I gave them an answer. Somehow, I knew that when I told them the truth, they’d get all cocky and a little too smart-assy. When I called them out on it, they became defensive. They will say stuff like, “Oh sorry for offending you.”

This has happened more than once with me, recently, so it got me to thinking about some things. This is what I have concluded:

I say all of this to get to one point: Why is it that a woman can’t say anything directly without getting tagged or labeled with a negative image? And other people getting their little feelings hurt? A man can say anything they want, directly, bluntly, and they are considered noble, truthful, and honest. Let a woman do that and she becomes a bitch.

I am starting to think I will like be considered a bitch. I’ll take that term and embrace it because I am just about sick to death of walking around on eggshells for some folks. I know we live in the south and there are some things that will still need to be handled with finesse, but in general, if someone asks me something, I will give them the truth.

Call me a bitch. I don’t care. I am getting too old for little games.

{Blogger’s Note: I did edit and clean this blog entry up quite a bit, taking out some harsh curse words. Why did I do that? Because I don’t like reading it on other blogs, certainly not over and over again. I understand a curse word now and again but when it becomes the norm, it becomes irritatingly boring.}

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