Two Quick Movie Reviews, One Big Blog Post

Two Quick Movie Reviews, One Big Blog Post

I have been wanting to blog about these two movies for quite some time. I have recently watched them on ON DEMAND – the ONLY way to watch a movie these days in my opinion. Unless, that is, you go to a matinee when the movie is about 3 weeks old. I hate crowded movie theaters. Why listen to other people chew their popcorn, listening to that incessant noise of them having to wrestle their Twizzler wrappers, or having to sit next to a loud-talker commentator. No thank you.

The Holiday Movie Review starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black
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The first movie I’d like to share with you in a quick review is The Holiday starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black. I would have sworn this was a remake of an old film but it is not; pleasantly surprised because the story line seems to be from a bygone era where people used to have feelings and relationships, friendships.

The plot goes like this – two women who do not know each other; one lives in America the other in England, find each other through a holiday vacation rental home exchange thing, online. In order to escape what they each perceive to be an inevitable sad and lonely Christmas break, they decide to exchange living spaces for the holiday season. Cameron Diaz, the American, goes to England while Kate Winslet, the England lady, comes to America – both of them trying to escape their most recent relationship breakups.

I won’t tell you much more about the plot except to say that it is filled with some predictable chick-flick romantic scenes but I was also taken off guard by most of it. Both of the women are portrayed as strong and independent, especially Cameron Diaz’s character. In the end of the movie, I really liked the way the writer gave this character the not-so-typical role in the relationship. šŸ™‚

It’s a fun little flick that is great to watch any time but especially during the holiday, of course. Kate Winslet makes us fall in love with her all over again while Jack Black plays a surprising soft gentlemanly character. The friendship that Kate strikes up with an old Hollywood writer and producer is heart warming and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, so cute!

Enough Said Movie Review James Gandolfini Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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Moving on to the next movie called Enough Said starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the late James Gandolfini. I don’t particular like the title of this movie, I don’t know why, I can’t quite put my finger on the reason just yet. But I do like the movie storyline. It’s about a regular woman who happens to be a mobile massage therapist, Julia’s character. She’s divorced with a college-bound daughter. Julia’s character is living the ordinary life played out with recognizable patterns of daily activities.

But of course, she has her close friends and it is during a party (with said friends) that she meets James Gandolfini. They are just happen-chanced into introductions during the party. James Gandolfini’s character doesn’t have a glamorous job either but he likes it. He reviews old television series and works in a “museum” of some type for television shows. He’s just a regular guy, getting by, living an ordinary life – as is Julia. It just so happens that his character also has a college-bound daughter and this puts Julia and James into a tolerable conversation shortly after their happen-chanced introduction at this party. It’s the beginning.

So they meet and they get along right away. I like this film because it shows two ordinary people in ordinary situations doing ordinary things – things WE ALL would know and do. It’s simple and basic but that’s what I like about it I suppose – it is relatable.

When a writer can take something so regularly ordinary and make it interesting, taking it to that level of recognizable tenderness that we all know but somehow managed to stuff away somewhere in our early 20s with our vulnerability and trust, when the writer can pull that back out of us without us realizing it, well, it’s just plum brilliance! In my opinion anyway.

Some time during the course of the movie, Julia’s character just happens to meet Gandolfini’s ex-wife, quite by accident. Julia doesn’t know she’s his ex-wife right away and so the two women strike up a friendship while Julia becomes her massage therapist.

You can imagine what gets said when women get together and start chatting up their spouses, ex-spouses, and relationships. Sometime during the course of the two women’s relationship, Julia figures out who the other woman actually is – James Gandolfini’s ex-wife. But Julia doesn’t know what to do about the situation so she just keeps right on being her friend and does not tell James.

Of course, don’t you know, James ultimately finds out but you’ll have to watch the movie yourself to see what happens. It’s another little surprising sentimental journey. It’s closer to real life. The movie was enjoyable in a relaxed sort of way. I took comfort in watching these two bumble their way into their relationship.

So, what are you watching?

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