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Vision Boards, 2014

Vision Boards, 2014

Vision Boards, 2014

It’s a New Year and that means it is time for some new vision boards. This is something I picked up a few years ago from the Independent Fashion Bloggers website. I’ve been doing it for a couple or few years now. This may be my third year.

To be honest, I did create vision boards for the beginning of this year, 2013, but then I took them down and put up the old ones from 2012. So I have had the same vision boards for two years in a row. It was time for some change. Although, nothing has really changed, I have just become more focused. Hence, the new 2014 vision boards.

Last year’s vision boards included things like career and wanting to do more traveling. I’ve since changed my mind about some things.

Vision Board from 2012 & 2013
Vision Board from 2012 & 2013

I’ve also written about these vision boards in these blog posts:

A Vision for 2013

And I apologize but those are old blog posts and the images are no longer associated with them.

So anyway, as I was saying, since I’ve had these same vision boards for two years now, it was time to get more focused.

I am not an arts & crafts person, at all. I suck at it. I get all anxious and nervous when I think about having to create anything visually, from scratch, or with my hands. I rarely frequent Hobby Lobby or Michael’s Arts & Crafts Stores. Now, put me in an Office Depot or Staples and I can be happy all day long. Yes, I am an office supply junkie.

However, I do have to go to the arts & crafts store to purchase my supplies for my annual vision boards. The lady at the cash registered asked me if I wanted a discount card, to which I replied, “No thanks, I only do this once a year.”

My supplies for 2014, I decided to go with a color scheme this year; pink and black. Only it didn’t really turn out that way. I did end up using some green, from last year. Why yes, I do feel like a dork when I make my vision boards because the critic in my head (I have named her Miriam) won’t shut up. She constantly hounds me with stuff like, “You’re such a goober, Carol. You’ll never accomplish any of this stuff, just like last year. You’re such a loser.”

Nice, huh? But I continue on anyway.

Vision Board Supplies
Vision Board Supplies

Originally, I started with four vision boards but eventually culled it down to two. Even still, with two vision boards, I’ve learned that I need to focus even more!

This year, I have hopefully carved out an area I really want to concentrate on and finally be able to accomplish some of these “visions” I have for myself.

Vision Board 2014
Vision Board 2014

My Nora and Erma board – this is more of an inspirational board than a vision board I suppose. These are two successful women authors that I admire, a lot. I’d like a life like they had, a full time writing career. I created this board as a reminder of what it is I want.

Also on the board are a few things I’d like to try, build, and participate in:

The Nora Ephron Prize – this one will take a long time to achieve, if ever. But I put it up on my vision board anyway. It is the biggie that makes me feel really uncomfortable when I think about it, you always need one of those goals, right? The Nora Ephron Prize is a new award, created in 2013 and will¬†recognize a female writer or director who embodies the spirit and vision of the legendary filmmaker and writer. Yep, I’d like to win that award some day. It won’t be any time soon though.

Keeping along the lines of Nora Ephron – I am also trying to create a group of women bloggers, writers, journalists, screenwriters, and novelists here in north Alabama. It is modeled after the See Jane Write group in Birmingham. This year, I’d like to focus a lot on getting that group up and running. I have named it The Nora Guild.

And then we have Erma, Erma Bombeck. I wasn’t able to get registered for her conference that will happen in April. But I still plan to enter the writing contest. Submission registration for that opens in January, right around the corner! I entered this a couple of years ago and got some great feedback. This year, I want to enter it again. I just want to enter it with no expectations. Just send it in. Do my part, write it, edit it, submit it. And then I’ll be done. A small goal and I believe I can accomplish it. I will hope and plan accordingly to attend the conference, next year. Or I think this conference is every other year, I can’t remember right now. Either way, I will plan (save money) and go next time.

Vision Board 2014
Vision Board 2014

Creative Nonfiction – this is the genre I’d like to concentrate on this year. Or at least the first half of the year. Little stories, essays, and blog posts. I’d also like to enter the Creative Nonfiction essay contest this year. This is a contest that I have previously said I wanted to enter but would always chicken out. I don’t know if it was chickening out or not but I’d sure find other things to keep me occupied instead of writing. This year, I plan to dedicate myself to completing an essay to submit to Creative Nonfiction.

Bloggers – I have listed a couple of bloggers whom I admire a little bit; Jenny Lawson and Julie Powell. Of course you know Jenny as The Bloggess. Julie Powell is the blogger who wrote Julie & Julia and that Nora Ephron turned into a movie. I’d like to make it is a big time blogger like those two. So there it is, out in the public finally.

See Jane Write – I hope to participate more in this group of women writers. Because I need to be around like-minded people and a support group.

Writing Space – Not to sound like a mean & selfish mom but I’d sure like to convert one of the kids bedrooms into a writing space for myself. The Girl still lives at home while attending community college and working full time. And that’s fine, I don’t mind. I love having her there. The Manchild is mostly gone because he goes away to military school. This is his senior year. In May, he’ll graduate and hopefully join the National Guard Reserve and then head off to North Georgia for college. So I am eyeballing his room closely. Just sayin’. I’ll keep a futon in there so when he is home he will have somewhere to sleep. I’m not THAT selfish!

Oh, and I have Erma on this board again because I just like that picture of her.

While I do not have “writing a novel” on any of these boards, I still want to attempt it. I will do my two essays first, at the beginning of the year. After that, say May/June time frame, is when I will start back on the novel writing process. Maybe. We shall see. I think what I should do, is that instead of thinking about the final result of a novel, is just to concentrate on getting it down on paper first. Just do a rough draft, then I can throw it under the bed to collect dust for a while. No matter how bad Miriam thinks it is going, I should keep writing and get it done. Miriam was able to shut me down hard last year. I hope to put an end to her mouth/voice this year.

Vision for 2014, Writing
Vision for 2014, Writing

So that’s it, my 2014 vision boards.

Thanks for reading and love to all,

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