VLOG #7 and What I’m Reading

VLOG #7 and What I’m Reading

VLOG #7 and What I’m Reading

Every Friday I hope to bring you a new VLOG. This is something all new to me so I hope you can hang with me during this learning phase and also offer up some of your video blogging tips and tricks. I know, in this video my lighting is horrid! I apologize up front.

In today’s VLOG, I talk about what I am reading and what I want to read. Two of my favorite authors are Nora Ephron and Adriana Trigiani.

So, yeah, I want to do a regular something about what I am reading. I am hoping this accomplishes a few things:

  1. That it keeps me reading
  2. That I’ll have something to VLOG about
  3. Inspire me to write, pick back up with my writing


What I failed to mention in the VLOG is that I have trimmed away some other things that were eating up my time. I stepped down from being Editor of the Alabama Women Bloggers site and we will not be pursuing a blogging conference with them. That’s not to say that the new Editor won’t try to do it, I hope she does.

In addition to stepping down as Editor at ALWB, I have also left a couple of Facebook groups. Nothing bad happened, no controversies or drama. But, I was allowing some of those groups to drain the energy out of me. That was MY fault. I needed to step away and get back into MY OWN GROOVE and not worry what everyone else and their mother was doing. I feel better already. Relieved.

So that’s it, thanks for reading.

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