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What Happened In Dallas

What Happened In Dallas

What Happened In Dallas

Last week, my new employer sent me to Dallas for some training. I was afraid to go for fear of getting Ebola and also I hate flying. But both things were silly. The trip went effortlessly, except for the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. OH EM GEE LAWD! And I didn’t see anyone wearing those surgical masks while I was traveling either. Everyone was on their best behavior!

So, in Dallas I was treated to all sorts of goodies and education. I met some fantastic people, very friendly and generous with their knowledge. Some of us exchanged numbers and have kept in touch since our training.

Enjoy some photos:

Travel, Caffeine
Leaving Nashville
Travel is always easier with caffeine!

Taxi from airport to hotel
Taxi from airport to hotel
Not a fun ride.

Dallas, W Dallas Victory, Hotel, Skyline
The view from my hotel room.
Training, Dallas, Jo Malone London
Day 1, Training
Day 1, Training
Lime, Basil, Mandarin, Refreshments
Fun Training! Guess the ingredients.
Fun Training! Guess the ingredients.
Some of the ingredients
Some of the ingredients
Leaving Dallas
Leaving Dallas

My training was so much fun and I learned a ton! My company even arranged for a private car to pick me up from the hotel to take me to the airport. A MUCH better ride than the taxi. Thank you!

It was a whirlwind of a trip, it seems now and I look forward to the next one which I think will be at the beginning of 2015 when they announce their limited edition product.

I am LOVING my new career!

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

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