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What I Learned During #bloglikecrazy

What I Learned During #bloglikecrazy

BlogLikeCrazyWell, I am proud to say that I participated in every single day of the #bloglikecrazy challenge this year. Yay me! This is something that Javacia Bowser of See Jane Write put together.

Her first year of #bloglikecrazy was last year and I don’t think I finished it last year.

I had fun blogging every day in November this year. And this is our last day, Javacia wants to know what we learned and what is next for us as bloggers.

Three things came out of #bloglikecrazy for me:

The Nora Guild – this was totally inspired by #bloglikecrazy and See Jane Write
bgnoraguildThe Mission: to cultivate a community of women writers in north Alabama. I want this to be a resource for writers of all genres and types. So whether you are a blogger, fiction writer, screenwriter, or if you write creative nonfiction, perhaps a journalist, or write memoir, we welcome all of you and hope you find this guild useful and informative. Really, any form of writing, all are welcome.

My desire and purpose is to create events that involve educational experiences, networking opportunities, discussions and panelists, mini-conferences, and online support as well as encouragement. We want to help develop, promote, support, and inspire one another.

The Recky Award
This is just something fun and silly I created. Don’t take it too seriously. But I believe since I was blogging everyday, that it helped unlock more creativity and I would like to include this award in the result of that creativity.

A Clean & Organized Closet
Because of blogging, I now have a clean and organized closet. Why do I credit this to blogging? It all started several years ago when I read how to do a neat and tidy cool closet re-organization on a blog, elsewhere. Then, one day during the #bloglikecrazy I announced I was going to clean out my closet and blog about it. Well, one for wanting to keep my word, I figured I had really better do it.

What is next for me, as a blogger? I have no idea. I’ll just keep blogging along. I’ll try my best to stick to my editorial calendar. It is something fun for me to do and a creative outlet. It helps keep me sane. So really, I blog for myself more than for readers or traffic. If someone gets something out of this blog? Great. If not, that’s okay too. I blog for myself first. I’m selfish like that.

I listed what I thought was important that came out of participating in #bloglikecrazy but what did I learn, as a blogger?

  • That if I make up my mind to do something that I can do it; persistence.
  • Having a goal helped as well as writing prompts.
  • To write, even when I don’t feel like it.
  • Hit publish anyway.
  • Blogging definitely makes me happy. It is my passion and love. Even when I don’t feel like blogging, I still love it.
  • That no matter what anyone says, blogging is NOT dead. I have met a lot of bloggers during the course of #bloglikecrazy
  • That girlfriends are important and I need them.
  • I think the biggest lesson I have learned is to be myself. While I can still admire other bloggers, I can still just be me and blog in my own voice. Just type and it will come.
  • Another dinner party will be scheduled for January 2014.
  • I found Danielle LaPorte via #bloglikecrazy because of the See Jane Write group.
  • That I do like humor writing/blogging. I do worry if anyone gets my humor though. That may be something I need to work on.

Nora Quote1

Real Beauty A to Z by Sharon
See Clair Write by Clair
Budding Fashionista by Vanessa
For the Love of Pete by Lissa
Angela Moore Blog by Angela
The Writeous Babe Project by Javacia
Diva on the Run by Cherith
Folkways Nowadays by Audrey
The Single Cook by Andrea
My Freelance Life by Williesha
Chic in Academia by Bertha
Stellar Fashion & Fitness by Jennifer
Vintage Inspired Passionista by Abby
Grasping for Objectivity by Rachel
Growing H.O.P.E. by Kathryn
All In Stride by Tanya
Adventures on the Mindful Path by Sharron
Bittersweet Chica by Mia
Pretty Little Nest by Christina
You Got Rossed by Sherri

I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. Thanks ladies, it’s been fun and hopefully we’ll all stay connected and communicating. I’m sure we will, thanks to Javacia who brought us all together in the first place.

For a little further recap, I went back to November 1 and re-read my Goals and Intentions for #bloglikecrazy. I failed miserably. I think the only thing I kept my word on was to blog every day and blog something meaningful, not just throw something up for the sake of blogging.

  • I did end up bad mouthing people.
  • I did NOT lose my 5 to 10 lbs I wanted to lose.
  • I was not grateful every single day.
  • I ate processed sugar (this explains my failure of the first three things listed)
  • I may have saved a little bit of money but nothing significant, unfortunately.
  • Hold people accountable? What was I thinking? Um. No.
  • I did try and go read other blogs. And I even left a comment or two. I could have done better though.
  • I did not workout Monday – Friday.

Next time, I’ll try to be more realistic with my goals and intentions. However, I did learn a whole bunch of other things about myself, listed in the beginning of this blog. So perhaps doing the #bloglikecrazy helped me uncover my truth and genuine self.

Thanks for reading,

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  • javacia says:

    Congrats, Carol! I’m so proud of you for blogging all 30 days and I’m so glad that you got so much out of the challenge. Thanks for participating and for being such a great cheerleader for the other women in the group. I look forward to seeing where you go next in your blogging life.

  • Sharron says:

    Loved reading this reflection, and loved participating in #bloglikecrazy. This was a totally new event for me, and even though halfway through I decided to go at the pace that my baby blogging legs would carry me, it was such a rich experience, filled with learnings. You captured all of that so well with this post. Thanks also for including the roundup of everyone who participated. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and here’s wishing you all the best for 2014.

    • Carol Ann says:

      It was fun, wasn’t it? I definitely learned a lot about myself and where I want to go with my blog in the future…. something I’ve always wanted to do but have never moved on it or taken it seriously. I think it is the time to do so now. But, baby steps for me too.

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