What Other People Think of You Doesn’t Matter – It’s a Lie!!

What Other People Think of You Doesn’t Matter – It’s a Lie!!

When I was an adolescent, the grown-ups in my life told me all the time to just be myself and that it didn’t matter what other people thought of you. As I became an adult and started my own family, I passed along this pearl of wisdom to my children.

But all of that was before social media. Now, enter Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and all things real-time online. No one is ever alone and everyone is watching, judging. Yes, they are.

confessions over coffee twitter chat blogSo, I’ve been lying to my kids this whole time. Granted, they are 17- and 19-years old, a little too late now.

But it DOES matter what others think of you especially if you are all up in the social media scene. Businesses and employers are looking at you. Communities and groups are looking and watching you too. Even your closest friends and some family members are judging you. I know, I’ve done it myself – the judging part. Still do.

However, I am simply judging by what you post and put out there for all to see. That’s what you want after all, right? Otherwise, why put it out there. Attention must be had somehow, right?

I know people (close to me too) who post stuff all the time lamenting their hard and tough lives but without ever being specific. And I’m all like, “Really? Again?” And if it is just me, regular ole Carol, looking and rolling my eyes for the umpteenth time, imagine what a potential employer might think?

And then there is the other extreme too, the “LOOK AT ME AND WHAT I CAN DO AND WHERE I AM TODAY MY LIFE IS PINTEREST PERFECT AND I AM A TOTALLY COOL AND RAD PERSON!!!!” Oh my gosh. Enough of that already. As one of my friend’s used to say, “That is called marketing your life to others.

So, I wonder, does that old adage still apply – the one where our elders tell us that it doesn’t matter what other people think about us? I’d have to ask Juan Williams, now of Fox News, right after NPR promptly fired him because of his remarks about feeling uneasy in airports with people in Muslim garb. Or maybe I should ask Dan Cathy of the Chic-Fil-A uproar. And can anyone say Bravo and Duck Dynasty? Oh yeah, and I have another name for you, Alec Baldwin. Need I say more? Of course, all of these people are still working, so they may not be the best examples of my case. Ha! Still, they all took a beating in the media at one point in time.

I apologize to my children right now. I’m sorry. It does matter what other people think of you, especially if you are outnumbered and on the “wrong” side of a cause. Whew, watch out! And that’s the truth. So be careful out there.

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