Why I am Participating in #bloglikecrazy

Why I am Participating in #bloglikecrazy

BlogLikeCrazyUh, well duh, it’s because it is so much fun! That is the main reason I am participating. It will also be a bit of a challenge. It seems easy, the thought of blogging every day. But in real life, it is difficult. I’ve tried it many times before, in different areas and formats. Blogging every day, even if just for a month, is hard.

So, for the fun of it and for the challenge is why I am participating. However, there is another reason. I like participating in a group effort. I think this is a fantastic way to grow a group, make new connections, and build a network, a community.

I love anything pertaining to blogging. I love to talk about blogging. I love to share blogging tips and exchange ideas about blogging with others. I love to build a blogging community. I love to create events about blogging. I want everyone to blog! Everyone should blog. Okay, maybe not everyone. There are people out there who are not cut out for this type of lifestyle. Ha!

Bloggers certainly are a different species, so to speak. It takes a special person to blog on a regular basis. Normally, they are passionate people with strong opinions, ideas and want to share them with others. And I love that about blogging. I love being a part of this big labor of love.

It is satisfying to write up a blog post, spend time editing it, making sure it is just right. Selecting the perfect words to express yourself is challenging and rewarding. The instant gratification of hitting the publish button and then putting it all out there into the world via social media networks is intoxicating.

The thought of someone searching Google for a phrase, a word, a review, or information and they find your blog because of that search is gratifying.

You, the blogger, are the writer and editor and publisher of your own work/blog. One day, perhaps I can find a way to make money from it but I’m not holding my breath. But I won’t lie, it would be absolutely thrilling to be discovered by someone via your blog and making the big time world of blogging. This, this is one of the reasons I blog and participating in something like #bloglikecrazy can help get you out there, gaining more exposure.

Bottom line? I just love blogging. Period. I am participating in #bloglikecrazy because I am crazy for blogging.

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